Rebecca Cawood
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First Appearance Mentioned in Series 1-Episode 1
Cause/Reason Suicide
Status Deceased
Sons Ryan Cawood
Father Richard Cawood
Mother Catherine Cawood
Brothers Daniel Cawood
Aunts Clare Cartwright
Rebecca 'Becky' Cawood was the daughter to Richard & Catherine Cawood. She had a brother called Daniel and an ex- herion addict aunt, Clare.

Sometime in Becky's life she met Tommy Lee Royce, a young man whom she fell in love with and formed a relationship with, to which she was abusively raped and impregnated.

When carrying her baby she was too frightened to tell her mother who worked as a community police officer in their home town of West Yorkshire, as she felt embarrassed.

Rebecca told her parents as her stomach was showing but said she forgot who the father of her un-born baby was, it was a one-night stand but in fact she knew exactly who it was. After six-weeks of giving birth to her son, Ryan, she had hung herself in her bedroom and left a note stating whom the father was and how her situation had occurred to have her very own father, Richard to find her stone cold.