Kevin Weatherill
Kevin Weatherill
Portrayed by Steve Pemberton
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 1 Episode 6
Cause/Reason Arrested
Duration 2014
Status Alive
Occupation Accountant
Spouse Jenny Weatherill
Daughters Melissa Weatherill
Kevin seems a pleasant sort, but has life pushed him too far?


45-year-old Kevin Weatherill may be excused for thinking that life has been unkind to him. His wife Jenny suffers from multiple sclerosis and, whilst his eldest daughter Melissa has been offered a place at a private school, he worries that he can’t really afford to pay for her to take up the offer.

A quiet, apparently good-natured man, Kevin works diligently as an accountant at Nevison Gallagher Associates. But this has never been an easy relationship for Kevin, who believes his father was cheated out of a partnership with Nevison Gallagher many years ago. And when Nevison refuses Kevin the pay rise that would allow Melissa to take up her place, something inside Kevin snaps. He embarks on an unpleasant course of action that ends with devastating, far-reaching consequences for himself and a lot of people around him.

Kevin rents out a caravan from Ashley who he then turns to after Nevison declines him a pay rise. This then leads to two of Ashley's employee's Lewis and Tommy into kidnapping his bosses daughter (Ann Gallagher) who Tommy later rapes - in the process of being found Lewis and Tommy move her but are then stopped by the police as a light was out on the van. Tommy (in Ann's mini) reverses into PC Kirsten McAskill and is left for dead.