Lewis Whippey
Lewis Whippey
Portrayed by Adam Long
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 1 Episode 6
Cause/Reason Killed by Tommy
Duration 2014
Status Deceased
Occupation Worker
Lewis is a young lad who has recently been released from prison, who is taken on by Ashley Cowgill.


Lewis is seen working with Tommy Lee Royce as Ashley's carvan site, where they are unloading bags of sand which contain drugs inside. When Kevin arrives for a weekend holiday with his family he arranges for his bosses daughter to be kidnapped as he refused to give him a payrise.

After all the details were finalized Lewis and Tommy chase after Nevison's daughter Ann as they crash into her car then attacks her they then put her into the back of the van and drive off to one of Ashley's houses, where she is then kidnapped down inside of the cellar. When Lewis leaves to carry on working, Tommy rapes her - as Lewis arrives back and finds her with no knickers on he assumes the worst.

After all of the people involved have been arrested in connection of the murder of PC Kirsten McAskill (who was knocked down and killed by Tommy) and for the kidnap of Ann there is still two on the run for the police, when they do door to door trying to search the properties to see if any of them are missing the home owner hides Lewis and Tommy in his flat locked inside of sofa and the bath tub, when he arrives home again he sees Tommy is bleeding with a knife next to him, he then sees that Lewis is dead in the other room as Tommy had slit his throat for all the trouble he had caused as he didn't want to go back into prison. Tommy then kills Lewis' friend who was hiding them from the police.