Ryan Cawood
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Father Tommy Lee Royce
Mother Becky Cawood
Grandfathers Richard Cawood
Grandmothers Catherine Cawood
Lynn Lee Royce
Uncles Daniel Cawood
Ryan 'the abandoned child' Cawood is the only son to the deceased Becky and Tommy, aswell as the grandson to Catherine & Richard.

As a newborn Ryan's mother took her own life after not being able to deal with the fact how she was raped by her lover Tommy Lee Royce. His grandmother, Catherine and great-aunt Clare had taken care of him of their home with the agreement of not putting him into the Foster system.

Being the youngest member of the family, Ryan is often the outcast of the Cawood. Many relatives are either scared of his presence or saddened of the past of why Becky is no longer with the family. His own grandfather, Richard despises his part in life and prefers that he grows up not acknowledging that he has him as a grandad.

At school Ryan is a troublemaker and gets into trouble quite frequently with other students in the classroom. But deep down the hard act he is a desperate boy craving for attention. During series 1 episode 3 as the audience we got to understand that Ryan is very short tempered especially in the manor of wanting a relationship with Richard and gets angry and begins accusing Catherine of not asking to play football (get bonding)