Series 1 Episode 1
Series 1 Episode 1
Episode number 1
Directed by Euros Lyn
Written by Sally Wainwright
Air date 29 April 2014
Episode chronology
"Series 1 Episode 2"
Series 1
No nonsense police sergeant Catherine Cawood introduces herself to Liam, a local lad off his head on booze and skunk and is threatening to set himself on fire in a children’s playground. Just another day at the office for Catherine.

Later, Catherine’s ex husband and local journalist Richard probes Catherine about the incident, but the conversation takes a dark turn as he lets slip that convicted drug dealer Tommy Lee Royce has been released from prison. Clearly taken aback, why does the revelation make Catherine’s world come to a standstill?

Kevin Weatherill, an accountant at Nevison Gallagher’s firm, is desperate to get his eldest daughter into a good school. When the idea of a pay rise is dismissed by his boss, Kevin unknowingly starts a chain of shocking events by approaching local drug king-pin Ashley Cowgill with a dark suggestion - to kidnap Nevison’s daughter Ann for a hefty ransom.

“I’m Catherine, by the way! I’m forty-seven, I’m divorced, I live with my sister - who’s a recovering heroin addict - I have two grown-up children. One dead and one who doesn’t speak to me. And a grandson!"

As the amateur plan is put into place, Nevison throws a curve ball to Kevin by agreeing to pay for the school fees, as well as offering him the position of temporary manager while he cares for his sick wife, Helen. Stunned and overwhelmed, Kevin rings Ashley to call the whole thing off, but the wheels are already in motion. Ashley no longer needs Kevin, and unlike the cowardly accountant, is prepared to go to any lengths to pull off the plot.

In a panic, Kevin races to the local West Yorkshire police station, where he’s greeted by Catherine. Flustered and nervous, he wants to come clean about his huge mistake before it’s too late. Spooked by her line of questioning, he bolts, leaving Catherine confused and an enormous fallout about to unfold as the staged kidnapping takes a nasty turn.

With Kevin’s brain-child becoming a grim and dangerous reality, Catherine’s world collides with the kidnappers – one of whom is Tommy Lee Royce. Knowing that Tommy is out on her patch, Catherine will not rest until justice prevails, even if it means taking the law into her own hands.


Catherine Cawood Sarah Lancashire
Kevin Weatherill Steve Pemberton
Tommy Lee Royce James Norton
Lewis Whippey Adam Long
Ashley Cowgill Joe Armstrong
Nevison Gallagher George Costigan
Clare Cartwright Siobhan Finneran
Kirsten McAskill Sophie Rundle
Ann Gallagher Charlie Murphy
Richard Cawood Derek Riddell
Ryan Cawood Rhys Connah
Jenny Weatherill Julia Ford
Helen Gallagher Jill Baker
Shafiq Shah Shane Zaza
Melissa Weatherill Sydney Wade
Catriona Weatherill Maddie Barker
Jason Tindall James Varley
Joyce Ishia Bennison
Liam Hughes James Burrows
Ros Cawood Kelly Harrison
Sam Cowgill Michael Hughes
Justine Hannah John-Kamen
Mrs Mukherjee Mina Anwar
Girl Lily Stead
Girl with Pushchair Nadia Nadry
Mrs Beresford Olwen May
Youth 1 Ben Wright
Youth 2 Phil Featherstone
Newsagent Moey Hassan
Old Lady Pauline Jefferson
Writer Sally Wainwright
Director Euros Lyn
Producer Karen Lewis
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Executive Producer Sally Wainwright