Series 1 Episode 2
Series 1 Episode 2
Episode number 2
Directed by Euros Lyn
Written by Sally Wainwright
Air date 6 May 2014
Episode chronology
"Series 1 Episode 1"
"Series 1 Episode 3"
Series 1
Nevison, in a state of disbelief after his sinister phone call from Ashley, confides in Kevin about Ann’s kidnapping and the details of the ransom demands. It’s more serious than Kevin thought and he soon realises the enormity of the situation he’s created.

Unsure how he’s going to arrange the capital needed, Nevison asks Kevin to find the money within the company and not breathe a word to anyone. Troubling him even more, how is he going to break the devastating news to his sick wife, Helen?

Catherine cautiously tells her sister that she’s convinced she spotted Tommy Lee Royce in a local Chinese. Clare knows Catherine’s still hurting and doesn’t want her to get fixated on him again. There wasn’t enough evidence to convict Tommy of Becky’s rape, but Catherine is determined to punish him for the death of her beloved daughter. Adding to her woes, things with Catherine and her son Daniel become strained as he invites the family round for dinner, all apart from young Ryan. Why does the family want nothing to do with him?

Meanwhile, in the basement of Ashley’s derelict house, an utterly terrified Ann is slumped on a chair after being beaten, bound and gagged. Kidnappers Tommy and Lewis are at loggerheads over Tommy’s brutal and cruel treatment of poor Ann. Tommy storms out in anger, but is soon stopped in his tracks as he spots a copper outside. With Catherine tipped off about his whereabouts, will the game be up for the bungled plot?


Catherine Cawood Sarah Lancashire
Kevin Weatherill Steve Pemberton
Tommy Lee Royce James Norton
Lewis Whippey Adam Long
Ashley Cowgill Joe Armstrong
Nevison Gallagher George Costigan
Clare Cartwright Siobhan Finneran
Kirsten McAskill Sophie Rundle
Ann Gallagher Charlie Murphy
Richard Cawood Derek Riddell
Ryan Cawood Rhys Connah
Jenny Weatherill Julia Ford
Helen Gallagher Jill Baker
Shafiq Shah Shane Zaza
Joyce Ishia Bennison
Ros Cawood Kelly Harrison
Justine Hannah John-Kamen
Daniel Cawood Karl Davies
Lucy Cawood Amelia Young
Marcus Gascoigne Steven Hartley
Mickey Yip Paul Courtenay Hyu
Writer Sally Wainwright
Director Euros Lyn
Producer Karen Lewis
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Executive Producer Sally Wainwright