Series 1 Episode 6
Series 1 Episode 6
Episode number 6
Directed by Tim Fywell
Written by Sally Wainwright
Air date 3 June 2014
Episode chronology
"Series 1 Episode 5"
"Series 2 Episode 1"
Series 1
The final episode of this gripping drama sees a disguised and weakened Tommy arrive in Hebden Bridge, where he knows his son Ryan lives with Catherine.

He breaks into an abandoned narrow boat to use as a hiding place, but how much longer can he go without treatment for his stab wounds?

Meanwhile, at Catherine’s house, Clare wants to lift the tense mood and decides to throw a party for Catherine’s birthday. But the family comes to bitter blows when Daniel reveals a different side of the story regarding his sister Becky. Is Tommy as guilty as Catherine has implied?

Back at work, Catherine’s at the police station when a postman reports an odd smell coming from a local tower block. Catherine instructs Twiggy and Shaf to investigate, but when they arrive they’re confronted with a double murder scene. Who are the victims and, more alarmingly, who is responsible for the horrific crime?

Elsewhere, things aren’t looking good for the kidnappers. Ashley has been placed in a witness protection scheme after trading secrets on a local drug ring and Kevin’s locked up in jail awaiting trial. Will they get away with their sinister plot or finally pay their dues?

When the coast is clear, Tommy approaches Ryan after school and invites him to visit the narrow boat. Ryan’s cautious at first, but this soon turns into curiosity. Father and son bond and the visits continue, but when Ryan brings a friend along it sends Tommy into a panic. He sends the friend on his way, but when Ryan makes to leave Tommy pulls him back. He’s not going anywhere. Will Catherine be able to stop history repeating itself?


Catherine Cawood Sarah Lancashire
Kevin Weatherill Steve Pemberton
Tommy Lee Royce James Norton
Lewis Whippey Adam Long
Ashley Cowgill Joe Armstrong
Nevison Gallagher George Costigan
Clare Cartwright Siobhan Finneran
Ann Gallagher Charlie Murphy
Richard Cawood Derek Riddell
Ryan Cawood Rhys Connah
Helen Gallagher Jill Baker
Shafiq Shah Shane Zaza
Julie Mulligan Rachel Leskovac
Phil Crabtree Alan McKenna
Mike Taylor Rick Warden
Twiggy Amer Nazir
Daniel Cawood Karl Davies
Ros Cawood Kelly Harrison
Mrs Mukherjee Mina Anwar
Justine Hannah John-Kamen
Joyce Ishia Bennison
Lucy Cawood Amelia Young
Detective Constable 1 Frazer Hammill
Postman Kent Riley
Young Mum Lizzie Nunn
Jamie Lockford Christian Foster
Cesco Sonny Cusworth
Praveen Badal Ramon Tikaram
Brett McKendrick Adam Nagaitis
Writer Sally Wainwright
Director Tim Fywell
Producer Karen Lewis
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Executive Producer Sally Wainwright