Series 2 Episode 4
Series 2 Episode 4
Episode number 10
Directed by Neasa Hardiman
Written by Sally Wainwright
Air date 1 March 2016
Episode chronology
"Series 2 Episode 3"
"Series 2 Episode 5"
Series 2
When a local sex worker is attacked by a client she turns to Catherine for help. Since she didn't recognise her attacker, the only lead they have is the vehicle she was picked up in. Catherine soon puts two and two together, leading to the arrest of a very well-known local.

With the anniversary of Becky's death looming, Catherine, Clare and Daniel all pull together to give Ryan a happy birthday. But when Ryan finds a gift left for him on the doorstep by an anonymous sender, all celebrations are cut short and a rift opens between Catherine and her beloved grandson.

Clare is troubled by Neil’s latest revelation about a past relationship, and elsewhere farmer Darryl Garrs confronts the sheep rustlers from the estate - but does he take it too far?


Catherine Cawood Sarah Lancashire
Tommy Lee Royce James Norton
Clare Cartwright Siobhan Finneran
John Wadsworth Kevin Doyle
Frances Drummond Shirley Henderson
Jodie Shackleton Katherine Kelly
Mike Taylor Rick Warden
Amanda Wadsworth Julie Hesmondhalgh
Andy Shepherd Vincent Franklin
Leonie Hebe Beardsall
Annette Keeley Forsyth
Daniel Cawood Karl Davies
Nevison Gallagher George Costigan
Bryony Lena Kaur
Steph Louise Atkins
Ryan Cawood Rhys Connah
Ann Gallagher Charlie Murphy
Shafiq Shah Shane Zaza
Lad 1 Ellis Todd
Lad 2 Jamie Dorrington
Lad 3 Tom Kilby
Daryl Garrs Robert Emms
Alison Garrs Susan Lynch
Joyce Ishia Bennison
Detective Constable Tina Harris
Sean Balmforth Matthew Lewis
Solicitor Gerard Fletcher
Neil Ackroyd Con O'Neill
Hannah O'Rourke Charlotte Armitage
Amber Wadsworth Madison Brown
Ben Wadsworth James Senneck
Writer Sally Wainwright
Director Neasa Hardiman
Producer Juliet Charlesworth
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler