Series 2 Episode 6
Series 2 Episode 6
Episode number 12
Directed by Sally Wainwright
Written by Sally Wainwright
Air date 15 March 2016
Episode chronology
"Series 2 Episode 5"
Series 2
Catherine and Shaf call in at Far Sunderland farm to visit Alison and Daryl, but discover a scene of carnage when they enter the building, with Alison slumped on the dining table covered in blood having taken an overdose. Meanwhile, Andy and Jodie begin to suspect that the person who killed Vicky Fleming could be someone on the team and as the investigation heads towards a conclusion, John's torment increases, leading him to take drastic measures to avoid the consequences of his actions. Last in the series.


Catherine Cawood Sarah Lancashire
Tommy Lee Royce James Norton
Clare Cartwright Siobhan Finneran
John Wadsworth Kevin Doyle
Frances Drummond Shirley Henderson
Jodie Shackleton Katherine Kelly
Mike Taylor Rick Warden
Amanda Wadsworth Julie Hesmondhalgh
Andy Shepherd Vincent Franklin
Ann Gallagher Charlie Murphy
Shafiq Shah Shane Zaza
Daniel Cawood Karl Davies
Ryan Cawood Rhys Connah
Neil Ackroyd Con O'Neill
Custodial Officer Paul Brennen
Graham Tattersall Steve Edge
Gorkem Tekeli Mete Dursun
Mrs Beresford Olwen May
Detective Joe Simpson
Daryl Garrs Robert Emms
Alison Garrs Susan Lynch
Joyce Ishia Bennison
Jack Wadsworth Felix Johnson
Amber Wadsworth Madison Brown
Ben Wadsworth James Senneck
Writer Sally Wainwright
Director Sally Wainwright
Producer Juliet Charlesworth
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler